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SOLAC Infant Milk Formula
SOLAC Infant Milk Formula
SOLAC Infant Milk Formula


SOLAC Gold infant  formulas contains DHA, Iron and Choline that supports baby's normal brain development. Vitamins A in SOLAC® Gold supports normal vision development. Vitamin A and Selenium contributes to normal function of the immune system. Vitamin D helps support normal growth and development of bones.

It provides their developing bodies with all the essential vitamins and minerals they need.

The SOLAC Standard Infant Formula product range offers a comprehensive blend of essential nutrients, expertly designed to support the growth and development of newborns and preschoolers alike. We produce and offer our customers many different formulations of the baby milk powder. Our products vary in protein content, oils blend type and the set of optional ingredients, such as DHA, AA, GOS (prebiotic) or nucleotides, included.


SOLAC Goat milk is naturally easy to digest, to support gentle digestion and may be a good alternative for babies with sensitive tummies.

SOLAC Goat Milk Toddler Drink is Australian made with high quality Goat Milk securely sourced from our farmers and naturally contains A2 Goat Protein. We’ve also added Omega-3 (DHA) and Omega-6 (ARA), plus prebiotics (GOS) to provide premium nutrition.


Our certified organic milk comes from free range cows that graze outdoors, all year round and enjoy a diet of fresh green grass.

A grass fed diet improves the quality of cows milk as it is richer in omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin e, beta-carotenes and CLA when compared to other milks. With dual organic certifications, our formula range is derived from nature, GMO free and free from chemicals, preservatives and pesticides.



Our Production Facility uses technologically advanced equipment for the quantitative analyses and quality control of baby milk powder, as well as for the processing of qualitative and production data. 

  • Physical

  • Microbiological

  • Physio-chemical


The laboratories are used for the quality control of all the raw materials and final products, as well as product development as well as research and development activity in various fields.

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Our Australian manufacturing facility:

  • Comply with all Australian State & Federal Regulatory and export quality control requirements;

  • Are GSFI certified (Global certification standard FSSC 22000), a certifying standard recognized globally for high-quality requirements

  • Are audited by Australian State regulators every 6 months which includes a stringent pathogen monitoring program

Our Polish manufacturing facility:

The state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Poland operates on the most up-to-date mechanical equipment in Europe.

The factory allows production of various product ranges of the highest quality baby milk powder for infants and small children, ensuring compliance of the final products with the most strict industry standards and legislation.

Within the frame of contemporary quality and safety requirements, besides the design, deployment, application and maintenance of the Food Quality and Safety System in compliance with ISO 22000:2005 International Standard the company also operates under the procedures and requirements posed by Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) and Good Manufacturing System (GMP).

SOLAC Infant Milk Formula

SOLAC Standard Infant Formula - Stages 1, 2, 3

SOLAC Gold Infant Formula - Stages 1, 2, 3

SOLAC Anti-Reflux Infant Formula

SOLAC Lactose-free Infant Formula

SOLAC Mama Formula

SOLAC Goat Milk Infant Formula - Stages 1, 2, 3

SOLAC Organic Grass-fed Infant Formula - Stages 1, 2, 3

SOLAC Infant Milk Formula

Product Line

We produce and offer our customers many different formulations of the baby milk powder. Our products vary in protein content, oils blend type and the set of optional ingredients, such as DHA, AA, GOS (prebiotic) or nucleotides, included. Having the large portfolio of available formulations, we can satisfy requirements of many different markets and customers.

All of the milk products come under three variants:

  • Stage 1 Infant Milk: 0 – 6 Months

  • Stage 2 Follow-on Milk: 6 – 12 Months

  • Stage 3 Growing-up Milk: above 12 Months


All of our products can be packaged in lithographed

metal tins (cans) of weights of:

  • 400 g net (24 tins per box), or

  • 800 g net (6 tins per box), or

  • 900 g net (6 tins per box).


  • Thick metal is used for production of the tins which makes them more durable.

  • The tins are lithographed.

  • Thick and durable carton boxes used for packaging allow easier handling and distribution and are perfectly suitable for overseas transportation.

Quality assurance

  • All the raw materials are tested in the laboratories before production.

  • Each tin coming out from the factory is individually inspected before being put into the carton box.

  • Before shipment, the products are thoroughly tested by our inhouse laboratory and third-party laboratories.

  • We ensure full traceability.

Shelf Life: 2 years

We export / import to any world destination.

SOLIN Instant Fat Filled Milk Powder


SOLIN Instant Fat Filled Milk Powder is produced in the European Union from pasture grazed cows fed natural, grass-based diets, ensuring sustainability and providing the highest standards of animal welfare. It is manufactured by spray drying a combination of fresh, top-quality pasteurised skim milk with added palm oil and the addition of rapeseed lecithin for instantisation.


Our Instant Fat Filled Milk Powder offers superior dispersibility and wettability properties and is ideal for reconstitution with cold or hot water to make a delicious, nutritious and convenient liquid milk drink.


Key product features:

  • Cost effective alternative to full cream milk powder.

  • Milk from pasture based cows.

  • Rich, milk flavour profile recognised internationally for its premium taste.

  • Readily reconstitutable with excellent dispersibility and wettability properties.

  • Ideal ingredient for yogurt, ice-cream, milk beverages, cheese and other confectionery. Exceptionally low microbiological levels.



SOLIN Instant Fat Filled Milk Powder is packaged into 25 kg (net weight) paper bags with multiple layers of polyethylene, sealed by an easy-open tape or sewed with an overlay paper.

Net weight: 25 kg

Shelf life: 12 months

Storage conditions: Temp.: ≤ 25°C, humidity: ≤ 75%


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SOLAC Infant Milk Formula

Bring SOLAC Top baby milk Formula based on either Bovine or Goat Milk to your customers. Unique products. Wholesalers and baby food retail outlets, contact us for details on this quality product. We Ship Worldwide. Top Quality Baby Food.

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SOLAC Infant GOAT MILK Formula
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